Ciao bella modena city ramblers

Ciao bella modena city ramblers

I marked a couple of discs when I suspected I was getting the same disc returned each and I was! Im switching to Blockbuster, but that may or may not be the cure, we will see. Update to my 5/16/09 comment: As of today Im at 44 of my last 58 Netflix Blu-ray Disc ships with cracked edges. Ive lately been marking the label side with a Sharpie, no resends even though I sometimes go through five copies to get a good one. I live in Sun City, CA. Wow, its amazing this problem has been going on for over 2 years. I loved netflix until I got a Blu Ray player last Thanksgiving and got something like 13 out of 19 BR discs with this damage. I had to order Iron Man 5 times until I got a good one. I called netflix customer service twice. Both times I got never heard of ciao bella modena city ramblers before but that does seem excessive and the second time I got the same. I said that was BS because its easy to find blogs like these. I asked for a supervisor and was told it was the postal services fault and netflix would not give me any sort of credit. I quit my subscription and switched to blockbuster. Zero problems on the BR discs, but mailing is slower and selection is less, although I like being able to drop by the local store and swapping for the latest releases on the shelf, or paying 99 ciao bella modena city ramblers rental after my monthly alottment of trade-ins runs out. Part of me wants to have netflix too though for the non-BR discs, but I have yet to take that step. I just downgraded my plan to the bare minimum to retain unlimited streaming on my Roku 8230;3 out 6 cracked disked is enough for me to get the message 8230;Heading on over to /to signup 8230;For me its the blatant disregard Netflix has for my time. Weve switched you over to the 1 DVD out at-a-time Unlimited plan at 99 plus tax. This change will start on 07/19/200 Your friends at Netflix 8230;My friends dont waste my time easily fixed cracked BluRay disk! Update: got my first 3 Blockbuster Blu-Rays, all 3 worked fine no cracks! Got 2 more Netflix Blu-Rays, both cracked. It looks like BlockBuster just has a better envelope. Ditto from 12 Six of the 20 BR discs Ive rented since December 2008 have had the scratch and been unplayable. Make that 7 of Just got the replacement for 6 and it too has the same small crack on the outside edge and will not play. Time to check out BlockBuster I think. Now 8 of 20 and 4 consecutive. Definitely quitting Netflix when my current month is up. Anyone want to buy a RoKu box? Im done whining about my Netflix Blu-ray Disc cracked edge problem, its fixed!See my post on 6/24/09 for a description of how bad my Netflix cracked edge Blu-ray Disc problem was. 1 Report all cracked edge Blu-ray Discs! QueueReport ProblemDamaged shipmentCracked. This provides a a record for a billing adjustment claim, b a way for Netflix to discover your problem, c a record for discussing your problem with Netflix and the USPS.

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