Cold and dark trailer This is

Cold and dark trailer

This is the pious cant of the tech morons these days. Oh, that they would stop propagating such preposterous drivel. I am so tired of reading and re-reading the same balderdash from these navies. First false fact in the argument: You cant tell the difference between Blu-ray and DVD. You obviously have cold and dark trailer seen and definitely not on a true 1080p. The difference is awesome. The increase in resolution is 622%. The improvement in audio is quantum. The difference is overwhelming at times. False fact 2: The difference between Blu-ray and DVD is much smaller than the difference between VHS and DVD. Rubbish. The gap is 622%, not including massive audio improvements. The jump from DVD to Blu-ray is much larger than the jump from VHS to DVD. Irrelevant fact 1: I cant play a Blu-ray in my car. So what? I am supposed to cry or something? False prophecy 1: Downloads will take over. Rubbish. You try downloading 20GB of anything and see how long it takes. Speeds will increase, but 17-20GB is going to take a long time for the next 6 years. You can skinny the files but then you wreck the quality. You need a minimum of 20MBits of video and 6Mbits of audio to match the quality of a Blu-ray. Downloads cant and cold and dark trailer for a long time. Also, many of us are not getting out of the collecting business. I dont buy digital downloads. Too unsafe. I want the disc. In short, the author is absolutely and completely wrong. Couldnt possibly be more wrong. Just as wrong as wrong can be.

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