Death tunnel full movie part 1

Death tunnel full movie part 1

At this point, Ive seen so many cliches that Ive death tunnel full movie part 1 the ability to describe the films in detail. Simply put, this movie is a Deranged Family movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre plus a Spooky Cult movie Children of the Corn. I did like the Graves sisters and how Megan started out as more than just a screaming victim, death tunnel full movie part 1 Abby had some character development. Also, death tunnel full movie part 1 performances by Tony Todd and Bill Moseley helped, although the two of them seemed to be coming from different movies. On the other hand, theres very little here thats truly scary, nor does it add anything to the genre. Finally, its climax is rather weak, even compared to the rest of the movie. The movie is loaded with extras including two audio commentary tracks, a making of featurette, auditions, behind-the-scenes, etc. Not all of the extras are in-depth, but it does add some value to the overall package. Taking place in 2003, the film is set in the small island town of Port Gamble, which like many small towns in political satires, its rather conservative. We meet a few characters before the plot begins, including Frida, an Iranian-American who has lived there all her life, but people still think shes Iraqi. Theres Tom and Lance, a gay couple from New York, who traveled to Port Gamble so Tom can tell his mother hes gay. Theres the conservative preacher worried that people are no longer interested in his message. Theres the long-term mayor, who could be in a real race this election, going against the more liberal Mrs. Banks, who is also his ex-wife. Into this small-town, zombies invade. Its reported on the news that the outbreak is the result of a terrorist attack, so Fridas neighbor obviously has to torture her for information. Meanwhile, the Reverend thinks its a sign of the end times, so his congregation tries to cure Tom and Lance of their gayness. So this is a horrorcomedy, a political satire with zombies. How well does it manage to balance those two ends? Not very well, unfortunately. The political satire is too ham-fisted to be effective, while some of the non-political jokes are too obviousunnecessary to work. There is a huge amount of gore, but very few genuine scares. Its not without some strengths, including some funny scenes and some good performances, but thats not enough for a full recommendation. Extras include a short making of featurette. Its bit of a mixed bag, with no one Blu-ray having two films that are absolutely worth picking up. BorderlandCrazy Eights has one film that is sufficiently brutal for most fans of the genre, while building tension outside of the gore. However, the second film is mostly just dull.

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