Dinosaur kesha official music video

Dinosaur kesha official music video

As a result, the Blu-ray beam can focus more precisely, enabling it to read information recorded in pits that are only 16 microns long, which is dinosaur kesha official music video than twice as small as the pits on a DVD. Also, the smaller pit length allows for the storing of up to 25GB in a single layer disc about five times more than can be stored on a standard DVD disc. The enhanced design that was first incorporated into Samsungs External DVD Writer is being adapted to the Blu-ray Drive as well. Samsungs Blu-ray Drive has the sophisticated black and silver color design of a high-end A/V product that would look perfect even in a living room. Blu-ray offers 50GB of storage capacity on a double-layer disc 25GB on a single-layer disc. A single-layer Blu-ray disc can hold 25GB, which can be used to record over 2 hours of HDTV or more than 13 hours of standard-definition TV. There are also dual-layer versions of the discs that can hold 50GB. Like all the other Samsung ODD Drives, the Blu-ray drive is eco-friendly and supports Firmware Live Updates that allow users to ensure they always have the latest Blu-ray firmware version. Samsung Electronics is a member of the Blu-ray Association and will launch internal and external Blu-ray drives simultaneously in 2006 under the Samsung brand through the Samsung Electronics distribution channel. the CO-VICE chair of the HD DVD promotional group which is is now makeing what;s this ONLY blu-ray the CO-VICE now we have the president of the HD DVD promotional group, and the co-vice chair both makeing blu-ray show of support for HD The proper dinosaur kesha official music video would be that console sales is helping the BD camp and therefore it does have a direct connection. BTW, it is funny that you say that it has a convenient spin because it doesnt compare BD to DVD or digital distribution. Where should I start? How about the fact that it would be stupid to compare a relatively new storage medium that is only advantageous to HDTV owners to one that already has a huge market saturation and can be used with any SDTV like DVD can. As for digital distribution methods, very viable and most likely a very popular method of media consumption someday, they are currently only pipe dreams. While enough speed to effectively stream 1080p HD signals with uncompressed lossless audio streams is possible to purchase, most people cant afford it or it is years away from being implemented where they live. You do realize that some people still cant get cable or DSL where they live right? They can go to their local Best Buy or other retailer and buy an HDTV and a HD compatible player though. Streaming technology is still many years away from being feasible or affordable. You see it is related to console sales and there is no direct comparison to DVD or streaming media applicable. HD-DVD will pick up, because the porn industry is goign to it. Blue ray ftw. Easily. Why bother investing in something thats no where near as good as bluray, yet the same price. Yea in London here, blu-ray is pretty much dominant. Many people here have HDTVs even with the VAT taxes, Personally it dont matter who wins atm. 1 whoever said in AUS they never herd of HDDVD is plain fooling themself. GO to a ezydvd store way more HDDVD the BlueRay discs. 2 I hope Blue ray fails because what sony have recently done to their dvds. Changed the protection scheme now about 60% of dvd players cant play the new discs. Absolute s. Sure manufacturers can release new firmware but do average home owners of dvd players even know wtf firmware is. To them its just a thing that plays movies. 3 Yes built in dvd/blue ray player whatever else built in is always crappier then a stand alone. I got a PS2 and a DVD player that cost me 800AUS and that kills the PS2 in visual quality all over. can you downgrade a custom firmware? I mean, when you have a ps3, you are a potential bd buyer, and nothing can makes you an hd-dvd potential buyer. Ps3 owners millions can watch HD movies without having to buy any player since their ps3 already do the job, so the war is won by Blue-ray, its easy to understand, and everybody already knew that even before the ps3 started to Folding Junkie! you are as bad as Vietone, you just post negative about anything MS you even go on about Windows on this post Guest 2007-05-22 21:28 give them a biased review. There is no way that you can! And I like your singled out link for every link someone posts people can post 10 with the opposite views so dont waste your time posting links as its always going to be one that has the words that you want in your favour. Try somewhere like here that discusses BOTH formats from a LOT of dinosaur kesha official music video people. t850248 Man, do you hate it that much that all you bought is red rings of death. Come on guys you know that in the future the PS3 will come out on top, and for all you suckin Xbrick Fanboys out there Sony does own Bluray, and Bluray is on top not only in Europe but also in Australia and soon to be america. You guys suck so bad its funny. Hey how many of you guys have 360s in the shop right now, god my stomach hurts. The only good thing about 360 fanboys is that their mothers give good ass head. Well time to play my PS The war is over PS3 won, go home.

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