Embrace of the vampire part

Embrace of the vampire part 5

Even Samsung includes a USB adapter for wifi. You can stream with ethernet connection but it would be ugly to run the Cat-5 cables along the ceiling to my office where the router is set up. Great feature my wife loves, with Bravia sync with our 46 incher Sony BRAVIA V-Series KDL-46V5100 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV, Black, press play and it turns on the TV with the right AV channel. WOW, ?!? can you say awesome!!!!! Just got the Trendnet Wireless N Gaming Adapter from Amazon TRENDnet Wireless N Gaming Adapter-Black TEW-647GA V 0Rgoldbox deal special for 99 you ROCK Jeff B!!!!! and connected to the player to get streaming Netflix!! Setting it up a pain at first from the BR player end, where I tried to use the Wireless bridge option and the player wouldnt connect so I had to chose the wired option under the menu yes, it is still a wireless setup just how the Sony connects to the bridge in the menu selection was wired rather than wireless and then it worked like a charm. I have a Linksys wireless router running G, not N, and streaming Netflix/youtube I did not get any hiccups, saw The Matrix Revolution please be aware, if you are expecting HD streaming quality, forget about it, its more comparable to DVD quality I was blown away with it still, given that it was wireless streaming and not a direct ethernet connection. granted not the same as BluRay quality. I wanted to buy the apple airport express for its smaller footprint but 30 vs you decide. The trendnet is actually pretty small by itself. Setting up Netflix was somewhat painful too I m a low maintence person because you had to register online with Sony, run to the PC, with a code embrace of the vampire part 5 BR player gives you, then run back to the player, then run to the pc to logon to Netflix with another code to activate your account yes, I could have all done it if I had my laptop. Despite these issues its still a 5 star product as setup was not difficult but more time consuming in terms of the need for PC/internet access as well instead of doing everything all from the BluRay player. If the world was perfect, I would say forget about owning media DVD, BR, HDDVD, SD, MC, Hammer just stream HD content through Netflix. Listen up Hollywood this is the future. Pay a monthly fee and watch any movie in high-def streamed to your home. If you want to talk about GREEN, this is the way to go, no disc, no packaging to waste. Nada you leave behind nothing. Can you saw Netflix ROCKS!!! We actually don t use the player to watch BR discs but just standard DVD. Anyhow, even though I have the discs in the queue to be mailed out from Netflix, I ve been streaming Lost Season 5 throught Netflix instead and its AMAZING. It actually streams in HD and the picture quality is great matched with the Sony Bravia 46 incher without any lag in the stream, very smooooooth. BTW, as I ve mentioned earlier, I m streaming this through wireless using a bridge with 802G and not N or a direct ethernet connection. The streaming quality is very smooth. This is definitely the future and Netflix got a handle on this form of delivery. Why own when you can just watch when ever you want. Yes, you can probably do the same with the cable/satellite pay per view, but with Netflix, you watch what you want although right now limited library for watch it now, when you want, and how you want without embrace of the vampire part 5 fees for each individual movie. You just pay one flat monthly fee. This is the best model.

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