Freeway killer 2010

Freeway killer 2010 trailer

Holy crap I didnt know that Van Damme was in it. Hope Breakin gets HDd even if blu-ray only has 5 years id say go for it there nearly 1000 bds so another 5 years we might be closer to 10, 0 so the media will always be their. Its going to be DRMed to hell download. I have not even bought a blu-ray player yet, and I am already hearing people say that it will not last another 5 years!? I know DVD still has a stranglehold on the market but I cannot see blu-ray overtaking DVD anytime soon. I think it likely that Blu-ray will overtake DVD within 5 years and remain the best selling physical video format for at least a decade after that. Film buffs would like deeper grayscale and wider color gamut. Blu-Ray is no better than DVD in this regard. But it means the studios have to remaster everything again. It may not be economical for them to do so. Once North America can freeway killer 2010 trailer the bandwidth that somewhere like Japan freeway killer 2010 trailer and higher, I would think downloadable HD superHD, or whatever media will become the norm. Storage is really a non-issue price-wise if you look at normal hard drives SSDs are not there yet, but will be where you can get drives for pennies per GB, so bandwidth seems to be the great limiter here, acceptance by the average consumer could be a factor as well, though less so with each passing day. Give it another 10 years and it should be the norm, but until then enjoy your Blu-rays. I agree. Our current internet system is not comparable in speed compare to some Asian and European countries. I just got into BD and so far I love it. I like Audio capability of BD just as much as Video quality. I wonder about audio quality and options on downloading. After BD, I am no longer satisfied with plain Dolby Digital What is scary is most people accept MP3 as a quality Audio! I know some people say MP3 can sound decent, but in most situations they are not superb quality to me. I love DTS-MA and Dolby TrueHD, but if downloading wont provide them, that would bother me. However, general public may Sometimes, new technology isnt necessarily a better technology. When BD finally dies off in 20 years, well just switch to cutting edge download technology that promises up to 10mbps bandwith streaming in almost real time. It isnt the size of the disk that counts, but how you use it. 4K cinema at 60mbps, coming soon to a kiosk near you.

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