Friday foster trailer Used as

Friday foster trailer

Used as a lifeboat there would be a lot more people on-board for many, many hours, in much rougher water. First time here, great sense of humor. I will be sailing on the Splendor Nov Hope to have a pop tart and I like your spirit Jim. I ll be sailing in January on the Triumph. Have a pop tart and spam sandwich for me. forward to part This gives me a deeper admiration to the entire crew on a cruise ship. God Bless you all. Thanks for the recap! Looking forward to reading part 2! By the way, the NBC, CBS, and ABC mornign shows all had interviews with passengers that were on this cruise with you and they all had great things to say about you and the crew. John, glad you have started to post this. Glad you are back. I usually post on your FB stuff now, not here, but I feel I have to add my thanks for the rest of the story said in that menacing voice they use on the radio I look friday foster trailer to the whole thing, including you being the king of SPAM. Cant wait for part I must say that I ve sailed on Carnival before and all of the crew is very professional. I cant wait to cruise with you guys again! John, so glad you and the others are safe on land. Although I haven t seen you on the news yet, I heard tape of that wonderful voice of yours, which I m sure was very calming to everyone. The newlyweds on the Today Show even mentioned you by name and stated how great you were during the entire time. Please take some time and get some much needed rest! All of your loyal followers have been praying for you, the crew, and the guests. I can only imagine the fear that you and the rest of the crew must have been going through during the moments you just described but according to everything we have been able to hear so far, you friday foster trailer handled everything with the utmost professionalism and are to be highly commended! I know that under the circumstances, even though you are back to land, that you must have an incredible amount of work ahead of you. Please take care of yourself as best you can. Big Ed s Little Cousin, Maribeth Thank you Maribeth, WELL SAID. John s description, so far, gives me chills what a situation to be in. Hoping he and the crew are getting some much needed rest. So good to hear the voice of reason in all of this! Sounds like you and the entire crew did an exceptional job and kept to what CCL does best. Insure the safety of the passengers. Eagerly awaiting part 2 John, but we all understand how difficult this time is for all of you. have you called home yet? They have to be on tenderhooks awaiting word for you. Thank you so much for sharing! Hah! I knew there would be humor in your explanation. Aside from the obvious professionalism, I am sure that you maintained your usual demeanor. None of us can really imagin what you, Captain Cupisti and the rest of the crew were going through. I look forward to the update and, as all of us fans, a new cruise with the events of the great black out as part of your new repertoire We had the pleasure of having you as our cruise director a few year ago. You did a fine job, and would not have expected less even though you had just been diagnosed with Bell s palsey. I knew it was a tough week for you but you made it through with humor and class. I m sure you did the same in this situation! As always John, beautifully and truthfully related. My admiration for the entire crew of the Splendor, corporate Carnival, the passengers and the media that portrayed the positive friday foster trailer without dwelling on the few negative folk. I believe that this incident has made Carnival our exclusive cruise line going forward. I must agree that your reporting is both factual and completely humorous also spelled correctly! What a scary situation all accounts I have heard say you and your crew were amazing great job!! John, you and your team are the greatest. You was on our first cruise on the Glory and made it a great time. I think what you and the crew did was nothing but the best. Give the captain a high five as all the crew and passengers survived. The talking heads in today s mass marketed news are looking to sensationalize every action everyone done. Look maw they gave us spam. So what if it is food and your hungry eat it and say less about it.

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