Harry brown plan b So, you

Harry brown plan b

So, you reckon this groups recent, direct exact experience of the charging tariffs levied for making Blu-ray discs gives them no right to harry brown plan b and is totally irrelevant?! Just so as we know, what would if that is your view? Maybe they should just be told whats value and ignore their own experience of DVD v Blu-ray. Jeez, Ive seen some Blu-ray fanboy comments here but your one is a doozy. Well done you, you should be so proud. Yes, how dare they advise their fans to not spent double the amount of money on a product that they felt didnt offer a significant upgrade! Good for them. Im tired of the amount of crap out there vs good stuff. I can probably count half a dozen moves that I really enjoy but refuse to buy on blu-ray due to the harry brown plan b or lack thereof that theyve done with the transfer. Jeez youre kidding, right? Ive seen some bitter former HD-DVD fanboy comments, but yours is a doozy. Well done. You have absolutely no idea what the bands knowledge and experience is with Blu-Ray, so why are you passing it off as if you do? Just becuase the band made the music that was going to end up on the disc does NOT mean they are BD experts. It harry brown plan b as if the band is more upset that they were not told until late in the game that the BD version was being released and this is their way of protesting. Anyway, the band is no more qualified to tell anyone what the value of the BD is than you or any other message poster on an HD internet forum. That decision is ENTIRELY up to the consumer. Unfortunately, the band has forced their opinion on the rest of the world. Its unfortunate, because Im a fan of the band and probably would have picked this one up. Actually the band are probably amongst the best placed to rate the value of the Blu-ray v DVD. you know, that slightly important element every one of you PS3 bit-rate meter obsessed watchers ignore almost entirely but they are fully aware of the cost structures involved. Go try troll someone else. The original article suggested that the band was not contacted about this release. Im pretty sure that played heavily into the band opposing the release, nevermind potential royalty issues. It sounds like the band hasnt even SEEN or heard the new BD release. So their opinions of it arent exactly educated. Because, you know, 16mm film doesnt have enough resolution to manage They sent that to their fans because they dont think theyre getting a proportionally larger royalty for the HD versions higher price, plain and simple. Money, people, nothing more. The description of the original documentary is valid: it is a grainy black white documentary.

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