Heavy metal farmer Please note

Heavy metal farmer

Please note that titles released in the format will not play on a standard DVD player. If you like collecting movies, youll love our catalog. Learn More The fourth and final? Shrek adventure finds the lovable ogre suffering from the blues of being a domesticated dad. Wanting to return to his monstrous ways, he is tricked into making a deal with more Five-disc set includes Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, Shrek Forever After, and Donkeys Christmas Shrektacular. Children of all ages will enjoy the computer-animated exploits of the large-eared mouse Despereaux voiced by Matthew Broderick, who is spurred to seek adventure after reading the tales of King more In this enchanting, French-made animated adventure, a little girl fights against a dragon tormenting her royal uncle. Fortunately, because she believes in fairy tales, shell have some formidable more Woe is poor Coraline Jones voiced by Dakota Fanning! With her parents too busy to pay attention to her, the precocious young girl ventures through a tunnel in their new house and finds an odd more Woe is poor Coraline Jones voiced by Dakota Fanning! With her parents too busy to pay attention to her, the precocious young girl ventures through a tunnel in their new house and finds an odd more Blessed with an inventors ingenuity since he was a boy, scientist Flint Lockwood voiced by Bill Hader stumbles upon greatness after devising a method to have food rain from the sky. As a more In the magical world depicted in this computer-animated adventure, the fragile truce between the turtle-like dwellers living on land and the bat-like residents who call the sky their home arouses more In this computer-animated family film from Spain, Felix the jinxed lynx and his animal pals become caught up in the adventure of a lifetime when they are abducted by a billionaire. Forced to live more The worlds population is no one can figure out why! To the rescue come young friends Luke and Lucy, who ally themselves with the heroic Texas Rangers in order to learn the truth more In Antarctica, a colony of Emperor penguins expresses themselves through song-except for tone-deaf youth Mumble, who conveys his feelings via tap dancing. Ostracized from his peers and more TM 2011 Turner Entertainment Networks, Inc. A Time Warner Company. All rights reserved. TM 2011 Turner Classic Movies, A Time Warner Company. All rights reserved. Go ahead, try to hammer out a document on your iPad or iPad 2 device. Its pretty tough, isnt it? Oh sure, firing off a quick email or punching in a Web address is easy enough, but when it comes to doing any kind of real work like composing a TPS report or a detailed ransom note the iPads virtual keyboard just doesnt cut it as an input device. This is one of the main reasons why netbooks and notebooks sleep soundly at night, knowing theyll wake up in the morning as relevant as the night before. Fortunately for tablet fanatics, its not totally a lost cause if you fantasize about using your iPad as a bonafide portable computer. There are numerous third-party keyboards to choose from, each one designed to make life easier on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. The one were looking at today is Verbatims Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard, a foldable plank with its own carrying pouch and built-in iPod touch stand. Specs at a glance: Ultra Compact Design: The iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch are all about portability, and Verbatims Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard doesnt interfere with that concept. Its already smaller than a traditional keyboard, and when folded up, its nearly small enough to comfortably shove into your pants pocket. We also like the leather-esque carrying case, which we see being particularly useful for college kids as they toss the keyboard into their backpack. Batteries Included: It wouldnt have been the end of the world if Verbatim didnt toss in a pair of required AAA batteries, but the fact that it did earns the company kudos. Media Console: Youve heard that All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and when the humdrum of the work day kicks in, accessing your iTunes music is a single button press away. A media console on the left-hand side lets you play, pause, fast forward, rewind, skip tracks, and adjust the volume so you can fire up a love song as you compose a break-up letter. Built-in iPod/iPhone Stand: Nestled inside Verbatims keyboard is a stand for your iPod touch or iPhone. Its extremely light and doesnt add much weight to the plank, so even if you only intend to use the keyboard with your iPad, its still a highly portable plank. And though its not advertised as such, its a pretty generic stand that works with non-Apple devices, too. For example, we were able to plop our Motorola Droid X2 smartphone onto the stand without issue Android support is a crap-shoot however, as we werent able to get the keyboard to play nice with our HTC Incredible 2 smartphone. Key Action: Typing on the Verbatim Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is where the rubber meets the road, and unfortunately this plank doesnt provide a smooth ride. We found the key action too soft for our tastes, and while the low profile keys help with portability, they come at the cost of comfort. Its like typing on a notebook keyboard from yesteryear, back before chiclet-style keys were all the rage. Its still better than using a virtual keyboard, but far less than ideal. Key Layout: This ties in with our above complaint, in that the key layout makes for a less than satisfactory typing experience.

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