House of 9 part 1 The problem

House of 9 part 1

The problem has to do with the way Lions Gate Entertainment encrypted the Blu-ray. Lions Gate Entertainment used BD-Java technology, which is not compatible with any Sony or Pioneer stand-alone Blu-ray player. Sony is expected to patch the problem early this year. Blending the latest technologies house of 9 part 1 offering unprecedented flexibility to consumers seeking the convenience of playing both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD high-definition content, LG Electronics LG, a leader in consumer electronics and mobile communications, today launched the groundbreaking Super Multi Blue Player at the 2007 International CES Booth 8214, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center. LaCie today introduced the first external Blu-ray burning solution for Mac OS and Windows called the LaCie d2 Blu-ray Drive. LaCies d2 Blu-ray Drive is addressed to proffessionals or video editors who need to distribute HD content while retaining quality of picture and sound. The drive does not support playback of protected BD-ROM movies. LaCie d2 Blu-ray Drives come with full-featured Roxio software including Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 for Windows, and Toast 7 Titanium for Mac both with new support for Blu-ray. The drive also comes bundled with a 50GB BD disc from Panasonic. LaCie d2 Blu-ray Drives are available immediately online and widely available via LaCies specialized dealer network later this month at the suggested retail price of 1 In addition to Roxio burning software, drives ship with CinePlayer 4 for HD playback on Windows. Thursday, January 4th 2007 Considering that there is no clear winner in the high definition media content battle, Warner Brothers patented dual-format technology in September. With this technology, Warner Brothers will take a dual layer high definition disk, put the HD-DVD version of a movie on one side, and the Blu-ray version on the other. Paramount will also begin producing movies on this universal disk, which should not cost more than an HD-DVD or a Blu-ray disk. Seoul, Korea, January 4, 2007 LG Electronics LG, a leader in consumer electronics and mobile communications, announced that it will launch the worlds first dual-format high-definition disc player, capable of playing both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD content. The unit will be released in the United States in early 200 Details will be provided at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show CES, held January 811 in Las Vegas. Thursday, December 28th 2006 AMD will begin offering AMD Live! computers with Blu-ray and HD DVD drives in Q3 200 This should definitely increase AMDs market share in multimedia PCs. While both AMD and Intel are working hard on making a nice multimedia platform, AMD with AMD Live! and Intel with Intel Viiv, neither of them have very much market share. This is probably due to a lack of enthusiasm from any major computer vendor. AMDs support for HD DVD and Blu-ray should help the Blu-ray drive gain popularity. Wednesday, December 20th 2006 Japanese consumer electronics maker Sharp Electronics said on Tuesday it has started the commercial production of blue laser diodes, used to read and write data on high-definition optical discs. The diodes can be used in DVD players based on the Blu-ray format, championed by Sony, as well as competing HD DVD technology, promoted by Toshiba. Sharp, which is entering the market dominated by Sony and unlisted Nichia, plans to bring the monthly capacity to 500, 000 units by the end of 2007, spending several billion yen. Tuesday, December 12th 2006 Dell has now chosen to offer a Blu-ray drive as an optional extra on its XPSTM M1710 notebook, making the first of Dells models with Blu-ray. According to a spokesperson, the companys view of Blu-ray is We Dell believe it will become the optical drive standard of the future. Its extremely likely that Dell will soon begin to offer Blu-ray across a much wider selection of models. Wednesday, December 6th 2006 After three years of work, 20 of the largest DVD manufacturers in China demonstrated 80 EVD players today. EVD is intended as a low cost alternative to the relatively pricy Blu-ray and HD-DVD and uses more conventional data storage methods. By using advanced compression techniques the manufacturers intend to store high definition movies without requiring a large increase in capacity over a standard DVD. 4983 Users online, 59 mbps NVIDIA GeForce 33 WHQL All trademarks used are properties of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Copyright 2004-2011 Privacy Policy Tip: List more than one actor separated by commas to find movies with two or more of your favorites. The beloved childrens fable gets a lush, more mature revamping in this romantic house of 9 part 1 set in 16th-century France. Drew Barrymore stars as a young woman whose landowner father dies, leaving her and the family farm in the not-so-tender care of stepmother Anjelica Huston and her daughters.

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