Ice spiders part 1 movie I don

Ice spiders part 1 movie

I don t know if this is the player s fault or the DVD. Maybe a firmware upgrade witll fix it. The work around is not that big of a deal anyway. UPDATE: The latest firmware did fix this problem. Blu-Ray picture quality is great, of course. But I was impressed that even DVD s look better. I did not expect this since I already have a couple good DVD players Oppo and Sony. My TV does a much better job of upscaling than my DVD players. This Sony Blu-Ray Player seems to upscale as good or better that my TV. Very smooth motion and all around picture quality. The Sony BDP-N460 Blu-Ray Disc Player delivers on price and performance. It s picture quality is amazing, upconversion from standard DVD content flawless, and Netflix Instant watch, though dependant on our ice spiders part 1 movie services quality as well as demand on Netflix servers, approaches DVD quality and beyond at times does not happen often but a treat when it does. The internet setup is a bit complicated with the entry of various parameters and addresses, and is not plug and play but once setup delivers a variety of internet entertainment sources. A computer network savvy ice spiders part 1 movie is necessary to hook it up without frustration, failure, and a great deal of hassle. Bottom line: excellent price and performance! I ve had this player for several days now. Blu-Ray playback appears to be good, although I don t really have anything to compare it to. But so far its other attributes leave a great deal to be desired. Netflix playback is especially poor. I waited to buy this unit for its Netflix capability to kick in, and was using the Roku HD player in the meantime. Even with a wired connection, the Sony s Netflix HD content playback is noticeably sluggish and jerky, almost to the point of being unwatchable, compared to the Roku player connected wirelessly to the same router. I watched parts of the same video on each player and the difference is not subtle; it is pronounced. Also, the upscaled DVD picture on this player is very, VERY soft, almost to the point of looking out of focus, even with the TV s Sharpness setting turned up to maximum. This is in comparison to the Sony DVP-NS700H upscaling DVD player I had been using previously, which appears to have a sharper, crisper image; again, the difference is noticeable.

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