Inspector gadget 2 part 5 The

Inspector gadget 2 part 5

The world has moved on since VHS and DVD and just like with HDTV we cant go back. Who wants to buy their collection all over again only to have it rereleased who knows how many more times? I already have an HDTV and a XBOX 360, so when the PS3 drops Ill grab mine like most other people because I get a 1st generation HD player that can be used to play exclusive games I could not play otherwise. However, I wont be buying their media, inspector gadget 2 part 5 that mistake two too many times. Rental companies get another life NetFlix Ill take off my HD DVD hat and answer as squarely as I can. Is all of this extra space even worth it to consumers? For premium features size is an issue. Say you want lossless audio and HD video well youd need 18Mbps for 1 Lossless audio on top of whatever you video bitrate you have. Only a 50GB disc is going to be able to give you a 2hr movie and 1 lossless audio. Thats Blu-Ray right now because of the extra space. Some people feel that lossless audio though is overkill for the space it requires. For video games I think people overestimate just how much space 3D textures take up. I dont expect to see 50GB PS3 games anytime soon. I think the way to deal with size is to have compressed textures on inspector gadget 2 part 5 that get stored on a HDD option for the player and Massively Multiplayer online games handling the rest. Dont the concepts of Blu-ray and HD-DVD go against the trend of all the industries that are supposed to support them? Yup in the next decade On Demand will eventually usurp both physical formats. I look for cable ops to start using the the more efficient codecs which will reduce the bitstarved macroblocking that I see on a daily basis with Comcast HD feeds. Its inevitable that On Demand will take over. In fact Microsoft and Disney persued iHD the interactive layers because its small and can work in a IPTV environment. The writing is on the wall for those with large pipes. Eventually youll just choose your movie and to your HD with DVR like control. I agree that we have to look at the sign of the times and realize that access trumps many things. Why spend 20 for that movie you will only watch a few times when you can just view it for a portion of that whenever you want? this sounds like a HDDVDBluRayComboDrive, aka Superdrive II: article32554 Is all of this extra space even worth it to consumers? Thanks for the post, first off, and welcome to the forum. I think you answered your own question on this one. You have the convenience of consolidated TV shows or movies on one disc, convenience of one disc or very little number of discs for backup purposes, and the convenience of extra storage for better video games. I think it comes down to what you define as better video games, because, as I see it, from a graphics and audio perspective, games have gotten better with time, and more storage. They ought to improve moreso given that they have a future-proof path of storage available to them, especially in regards to Blu-ray. If your referring to the game experience as being better as far as enjoyment or the theme is concerned, I think it is quite a debatable point as to whether or not games have gotten better. Dont the concepts of Blu-ray and HD-DVD go against the trend of all the industries that are supposed to support them? HD is Digital Cable/Satellite first then Movies not the other way around. An HDTV would be pointless for most of the world if we could not eventually watch all of our daily programming with it as well as movies.

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