Multiple sarcasms official trailer

Multiple sarcasms official trailer

My experienced with the first two disc mislead me to believe that the present of the crack would indicated a defective disc. When updating this post in multiple sarcasms official trailer future, I will note if the disc played or not. The first thing that pops to mind about this new evidence is perhaps Babel and Happy Feet did not span the entire disc to where information would have fallen in the area where the disc was cracked. Im having the identical situation. Wonder if a beefier sleeve for Blu-Ray would help? Blu-Ray has a hard coating that makes them less flexable, hence more cracking. Its not Netflix problem. I had GamezNFlix, and their Blu-Ray movies have the same problem. Lots of them are cracked. On the plus side, the coating makes them more scratch resistant. Youll notice in your pictures the discs dont look scratched! Dan: Have you paid attention to the age of the titles? I would like to find out why some people seem to have trouble while others do not. I cant say Im glad to hear others are having this problem also, but at least I now have some proof of the problem if blockbuster tries charging me for the discs. I have had blockbuster and/or netflix services for many years and have never had a broken disc until I started receiving bluray discs. Unfortunately the discs Im receiving are cracked completely in half or from the outside edge to the center. If I called blockbuster they would probably the me to stfu and quit whining about it since I dont think customer service is their forte. Had this problem today with Planet Earth disc Stopped playing near the end. I wonder if it could have anything to do with the fact that the blu-rays seem to have rounded edges when compared to DVDs? Unless Im just seeing things. Nathan: I have no idea. I would really like to get to the bottom of it though. Was that your first cracked blu-ray disc? We just had the exact same problem, also with Casino Royale, co-incidentally, and were now 2 for 2 disks with a crack that looks exactly like your picture. I just got off the phone with Netflix, and multiple sarcasms official trailer lady was telling me that they had no reports of this problem on their website. I dont know if Ill be told that the next time this happens or not. I really was trying to call to try to get them to start looking at the problem, but I dont think it got through. I had a similar situation with a regular DVD last month. I ended up renting the same movie three times due to a fractured disc. Netflix could improve there packaging to prevent this type of problem, but theres no guarantee that the USPS isnt going to stomp, smash, bend or shove the disc into a mailbox. Yup, same thing happened with me with Vacancy. It couldnt have been the age of the disc, since I got it the day after the movie was released on disc. I had to have been the first renter. I just had 2 Vacancy discs in a row from netflix cracked exactly like the picture. Wouldnt play. Its good to see other people are having the same problem. I thought I was having some really horrible luck. I have rented over 20 blu ray discs without problems until now. Must be certain discs with some kind of manufacturing problem. I had the same thing happen to me. Ive rented 12 BluRay discs, and 7 have been cracked. The CSR I spoke with did indicate they are aware of the problem, but have no plans to ship BR movies with any more protection than the zero protection their thin paper sleeves offer.

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