Namastey london part 1 hindi movie

Namastey london part 1 hindi movie

STANDING IN LINE TO VOTE MAKES IT ALL WORTH IT!!!!! IM SO HAPPY I JUST DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY. BESIDES WE DID IT!!! WE DID IT!!! CONGRATS OBAMA AND YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!! First let me say CONGRATS to El Presedente and the first lady. Your vote was the first of many steps needed to assist the President with his current and future duties. When is the last time you volunteered at your local food/soup kitchen? When is the last time you donated your old clothes, or canned goods to the salvation army or any thrift shop in your neighborhood? When is the last time you volunteered at your local church or boys girls program? When was the last time you stopped to think what you can do to help your family or community? Whens the last time you stopped to thank whatever God you serve? Do your children know the namastey london part 1 hindi movie of Faith? Do your children know the value of family? Or do all your children know is what they here you complain about? I know, I says they just dont have the time or everyone says their doing it alone But if we put down the remote controls, iPods, Play stations, laptops and computers, we just may find that we have more time and energy and support than we thought. As far as money goes, last time I checked, volunteering and donating things you already have is FREE! Unity is contagious. This is bigger than election day, we have to do our part to make this world better, and it starts in our very own homes and lives. Instead of popping an overpriced bottle to pretend you can afford it, give to the needy. Instead of surfing the web for jump-offs and celebrity gossip, surf the web for ideas and things you can do to empower yourself, family and community. Stop letting BET and MTV raise your kids! I said, Stop letting BET and MTV raise your kids! Turn off 106 Park and educate your children on the little things, such as a discussion amongst their peers, that they can do to start being the best future adult they can be. Open dialog with them. If your child knows ever word to a Solider Boy, or Lil Wayne song, or know the ins and outs of Grand Thief Auto but does not know how to count, read, or control his or herself, YOU ARE FAILING YOUR CHILD! It starts at home! Children learn by example. Stop being hypocrites and preaching to them and star teaching them by your actions and what you do. Teach your children that they do not have to follow whatever stereo type is put on our people. Teach them that is cool to learn and stand out and want to do better. TEACH, TEACH, TEACH! Teach your children that racism and hatred can change, that negativity does not have to live in our leadership, that our voice has to, must, and was heard. Black people are not the only ones who voted Mr. Obama in office, it was a joint effort from all races. Election day and the holidays should not be the only time namastey london part 1 hindi movie we unite. As you can see, we have the most powerful voice in the world, lets use it all year around. Dont get me wrong, fun and partying has its time and place, but when do we prioritize. Change does not happen over night, and it cant fall on one mans YOUR PART. I AM SO PROUD TO BE AMERICAN RIGHT NOW I CANNOT STOP SMILING!! I THINK I HAVE SPOKE TO EVERY WHITE PERSON I HAVE SEEN THIS MORNING!! IF OBAMA RUNS THIS COUNTRY LIKE HE DID HIS CAMPAIGN, AMERICA WE ARE IN GOOD HANDS FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS!!! THIS MAN BEAT MCCAINS ASS BY A LANDSLIDE AND TURNED RED STATES INTO BLUE STATES, SOMETHING NO OTHER DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTAL NOMINEE HAS EVER DONE!!! Ive got a s moobmoob321 and the rest of her namastey london part 1 hindi movie shyt slangers??? Cause Im black, u think I did it? Im SO PROUD! Many blessings to the whole Obama family. I have always been proud to be black, but this is an extra boost in my skennedy143 girl, where you at? You are really pretty know thats right! WOW! We did it! We elected a black president! This should give Americans around the world inspiration to know that we as people can do anything we put our mind to Oops, I spoke too s notonwelfare, but you seem to be on ritalin, youre so obsessed with Mr. Presidents name I like that, but youre drooling over Ms. Cause Im black, u think I did it? HALLELUYAH SPAM !!!!! THANK YA JESUS, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS DAY!!!!!YESSSSS, THANK YOU SPAM !!! THANK YOU AMERICA!! ESPECIALLY OH, VA, IN, NH, NV, PA, NC, NM, WHERE THESE WERE ALL BATTLE GROUND STATES AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST IOWA WHERE IT ALL STARTED!! HE MADE IT!!!!!YESSSSS!!!!!THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, IM YELLING IT EVERYDAY, IM TAKIN IT TO THE GRAVE! Ive always been proud to be an American, but, TODAY, I am ESTATIC! CONGRATES TO THE FIRST FAMILY. THE OBAMAS IM SO OVERJOYED THAT FINALLY HISTORY SCHOOL BOOKS WILL SHOW A BLK MAN AS PRESIDENT, THAT POSTER OF THE PRESIDENTS WILL SHOW A DIVERSITY, MOST IMPORTANT MY KIDS KIDS WILL SEE YOU CAN BE PRESIDENT!!!!!THIS IS TRULY HISTORY NOT FOR US AS BLK PPL BUT FOR AMERICANS OF ALL RACE BEING TIRED AND STICKING ALL OF US IT WOULDNT HAVE BEEN WE CAAN Damn, where do you live? Im in Charleston, SC and I mustve received that text msg 7 different times last night! LOL I couldnt agree more. It did something to my heart to see SO many different races in that audience in support of Obama. I thought it was wonderful.

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