Revenge of the pink panther bomb

Revenge of the pink panther bomb

These are 1 profile players. Plus if you need as in absolutely require more than a single HDMI output, look at their higher end model which delivers about every possible output you could imagine. ParkerAudio posts on February 06, 2008 13:22 I was wondering the same thing. The specs on Denons site arent exactly clear. It isnt reassuring how they scrimped on the outputs. I see that the 1k pioneer is profile 0 no upgrades! What a rip off! Does anyone know what prifile the new Denons are? ParkerAudio posts on February 06, 2008 08:26 I wish HD DVD would have won as well, but unless Bill Gates throws a bunch of money behind it, and another studio defects, it looks like a loser. Yeah, some of the earlier players didnt convert up to 1080p, but what would you rather have a player that doesnt provide progressive at 1080 or a player that doesnt play all the movies? Yeah, Im pretty sad that HD DVD looks to be the loser because they always had the better format IMHO. Oh well, my PS3 is a better player than my component only revenge of the pink panther bomb why when I can take a 1080p signal??? WTF! Xbox so at least Ill get the better picture. I was big on their dual sided discs. I used that pretty frequently. I could care less about the features, though the 300 HD-DVD was pretty cool the way it showed the blue screen in the PIP. Copyright 1998 2010 Audioholics, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Comments posted by community members do not necessarily reflect the opinion of This method is very simple easy and troubles free. UPDATED instructions: After downgrade your ps3 to version 41, just jailbreak it with the standard dongle jailbreak. connect your pc to your ps3 with ftp. Now go into the DEVFLASHBDPLAYER folder and delete any files you can some files cannot be deleted just to destroy the standard structure. Now extract the file bluray and upload the files to the ps After that put your ps3 into the recovery menu with the normal method. From there choose the option number 3 Restore File System. Normaly the ps3 after a check it will found that the hdd revenge of the pink panther bomb are damager and continues to the repair and restore phase. After that your ps3 will restart and everything will be back to normal and your blu-ray playback also. Hold The power button down; The system will turn on and turn off once again. Once the System has been shutdown, re-press you finger until you hear 2 consecutive beeps When you hear the 2 beeps revenge of the pink panther bomb finger off power button.

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