Silence becomes you 2005 It

Silence becomes you 2005

It all seems innocent enough, a nice relaxing dive in one of the worlds most beautiful locations. That is until they spend a few extra minutes too long underwater, and the boat crew actually leaves them behind. No one silence becomes you 2005 they were missing, and the company failed to follow certain protocol, that being a standard head count. A massive search was mounted, but they were never found. Emerging from the quiet solitude of an underwater tranquility, Daniel Travis and his wife Susan Ryan surface to find that the tourist day-boat has left without them. Hence the term their ship has most definitely sunk. After they realize that they had spent an extra five minutes submerged, they are hopeful that the boat will soon return for them. Hope soon begins to fade, when minutes turn to hours. Thats when the blame game starts and they begin to turn on each other. It only gets worse when the sharks come out to feed on the delicious meal waiting for them. As the fearsome fish circle the couple, they silence becomes you 2005 begin to accept their fate. They may never make it out of the water alive. The film resembles the Lonergans story, but contrasts are evident since we will never really know what happened to the couple on that fateful day. It continues with the basics of the story. The young couple who decides to scuba-dive while on vacation. From there it details a struggling relationship and a hectic work schedule. They thought a quick trip to a Caribbean paradise would help their failing marriage. What they failed to take into account was that scuba diving is nothing to play around with. Being left stranded is any divers worst nightmare. Even Discovery Channel survival heroes, like Less Stroud, do not dare to attempt such a stunt. Stroud actually has an interesting new show out called BEYOND SURVIVAL, where he lives with various extreme cultures of the world. One simple rule to live by in any unknown situation: never let them see you sweat, never lose your cool and always follow the rules. No exception. Suffice it to say, an old adage plays its part in the Open Water saga. Too much of anything is not good for you. In the films case, its simply too silence becomes you 2005 water. Imagine for a moment, if you will, being stranded miles away from shore with nothing to sustain life. As you float around for hours, visions start to come to you. Hope is for a means of escape, as well as those of your own demise. Just for example, have you ever emerged from a day at the beach or pool, and your skin looks like a chewed up grape? That can mean only one thing. Too much water! Now imagine being in the water for days on end. The emptiness of the situation is a feeling anyone can relate to, and it only adds to the distinct concept of dread captured perfectly throughout the film. The tension is eerily constricting, so I offer praise for the film with one caveat. Stay out of open water. Movie Score: 7/10 Dumber, but with a super hot chick this time. The only person I care about in this film is the lusty blonde Michelle, played by Cameron Richardson. Let me be the first to say I really think her boyfriend, Dan Dane, should have killed himself, so Michelle could use his body as a floatation device. So often in modern pictures do men forget the fine art of chivalry! Its a cold and callous statement, but after watching the film, youll realize quickly just how much of a waste of space he truly is. In any event, Eric Dane is a fine actor and gives a very real performance as the jerk we love to hate. Zach Lange is turning thirty. So in order to celebrate, his old friend Dan and girlfriend Michelle are throwing him a party on his luxury yacht. Invited to the party is Dans old flame Amy Pratt, including her new baby and her dorky husband James Speight. Lauren Hillis also tags along, but she is sort of a conundrum. There could be a thing going on between her and Zach, or she could be lesbian.

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