The babysitters trailer Todd

The babysitters trailer

Todd 36 just about broke mah friggin haid! May I have my record deal now? I want Sifu to decide what kind of incoherence he prefers, 3Bulls or Charlie Tuna. If you go by my e-mail, opinions are split fairly evenly between total outrage and head-shaking disappointment with only the thinnest veneer of guarded optimism. There are things I still like about it, but it s become increasingly difficult to separate the quadrotriticale from the chaff. But, for now let me speak in broad brushstrokes. I remember the exact moment I no longer respected the James Bond series. It was in a scene in the dreadful Octopussy. Most of the surviving human race lives on New Caprica, a grim Salusa Secundus rock of a planet, which is now occupied by the Cylons who claim to be coming in peace to help humanity. Were I czar, the sainted George Lucas would be summoned to my court and asked to explain himself he would be made all the more nervous, no doubt, by the sight of Alan Dershowitz chained to a post, forced to feed very small bacon bits to a wolverine one at a time, using only his lips. It s a shame, because in yesterday s Washington Post there was at least one mention of a pressing issue which the babysitters trailer the tired dichotomies of Left and Right, liberal and conservative, Third Way and, uh, Negative Third Way. The politics of failure have failed! What s the from? Romulan and Klingon, Borg and Species 3472 or whatever that number is, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton s pants can all agree on this one issue. It is the Miller Lite of American politics, both filling less and tasting great. If I were Tsar, George Lucas would be first up against the wall, and not only because he s the only greaser besides the current Bowser in the year 200 I would write a song about it, but I don t know what rhymes with, Shut the Fuck up! You should have just stayed in my Childhood, George, why d you have to come back when I knew what a good movie is with fucking Jar Jar Binks? Jar Jar is the work of a hack. If you look up hack in the dictionary, it says, To invent Jar Jar. An irony-off ends in confusion. But isn t the sincerest post the most ironic of all? Captain T kicks butt. Sadly, commenters got punked No!. The Editors can respond with nothing less than a video of Jackbooted Liberals waterboarding Jonah G. First, Jar Jar Binks, the digitally animated character, is just plain awful just as I suspected. If he had been so brutally murdered during the course of the film that Phantom Menace got an NC 17 rating, it would have been worth it. By riddling the movie with silly jokes the inane color commentary at the pod race, the ragamuffins shouts of yippee! and of course the excremental Jar-Jar Binks Lucas punctured the illusion of the entire Star Wars universe. Now for the good news. The total movie is awesome. What Lucas did to Phantom Menace would be considered a crime against the throne, the people, and posterity. And to switch gears for a moment there are no midgets either. I have no problems with little people or whatever the preferred term for them is these days but, let s face it, the only thing they have in common with hobbits, or even dwarfs, is their problem is that human midgets the babysitters trailer like, well, human midgets. Their awkwardness makes them uncomfortable to watch and unbelievable as a separate race. On some of the very wide shots they clearly use a few midgets as stand-ins, but you really have to be looking for them. I bring this up because, well, the midget thing always bugged me, but more importantly because Peter Jackson clearly spared no expense in trying to make this film believable. I love a good quadrotriticale joke. A lot of Charlie Tuna and no battle rap.

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