The castle movie ? Richard, I

The castle movie

? Richard, I ve updated the tutorial with a new section at the bottom for situations such as yours. In short, I recommend IMGBurn, and here is a guide on the castle movie go about using it. Hi Adub, I just installed bd rebuilder 03406 and the speed of the encoding is much faster than with older versions like 3309, I have a dell xps with i7 and now it takes something like 2 2;30 hours to do a bd25, it used to take around 5 hours two months ago. Is it the new version of bd rebuilder that makes it faster or maybe I did change something to my computer. To Raul, I d check to see if Automatic Quality is set, because that is one-pass encoding not two. Maybe this is why it takes half as long to encode. Alphamale1956, thanks, I think that s what makes the difference because I remember in the past it did a two-pass and now only one, But I don t really see a difference in the image quality at the end. I just downloaded BD Rebuilder last night and went with the default settings, movie only Tranformers The ETA went from 7 hours to 78 hours so I cancelled it. I m working with 2 quad core, 4gb ram, Windows Is that a normal encode time? I saw posts elsewhere boasting encode times of 4-5 hours. No, that is not normal encode time. Check to see if the Automatic Quality encode setting is enabled. If it is, then it might be a small bug with it s calculation remember, BD Rebuilder is still a beta software. You can change the encoding mode to something more specific you know, Better, 2-pass or something. Try that again and see if the encoding times the castle movie more reasonable. Any advice you could give would be appreciated. And I m running W7 64bit btw. I ve got a 40GB Bluray not VC-1 that I want to run through BD Rebuilder and burn to a dual layer DVD using ImgBurn. I m wanting to make a complete back up, not just the movie. I ve had three attempts and each time I get no errors but it just shows up as Data Disc when I pop it into my PS This problem was mentioned previously if I recall. On the third attempt last night I went right back to the beginning and uninstalled Matroska Splitter, FFDshow and BD-RB. I dug around for the leftovers and restarted. Then I followed jdobbs instructions to the letter including only installing the software versions he linked to and also re-did your Chain advice. The only point I wasn t sure of in jdobbs info was After the install, run Video Decoder Configuration for FFDSHOW from the START/Programs menu, and make sure MPEG2 decoding is enabled. There is more than one mention of MPEG2 in the decoder config and there are options when you enable. But I think I fluffed my way through that. Any advice? Anyhoo, I thought I was in luck when I got up this morning and a Windows pop up was telling me I d got a BD in my DVD drive. Took it out and tried it in the PS3 and still got the Data message. What on earth am I doing wrong? I ll be trying again tonight but this will no doubt be the last time because I ve run out of blank dual layers. I ll do the back to the beginning thing again and also the castle movie uninstalling/reinstalling ImgBurn but I can t really see that being the issue. But what do I know? Richard: Have you tried re-installing your video/audio codecs? IIRC, there s a codec pack, free on the internet called K-Lite Codec Pack You might wanna try this. Thanks for the reply Alphamale1 I am aware of K-Lite but for a while now I ve avoided codec packs and just concentrated on what I know I need for specific software such as BD Rebuilder/mutiAVCHD/RipBot etc. I find keeping things a little more vanilla lessens the chance of conflicts etc. That s one of the reasons I like Adub s Chain articles. I could be wrong though. It has been known: Yeah, agreed. But I thought you could do a custom/selective install and select only these you would like to reinstall. Do you use DiVX at all? I ve had codec probs before associated with DiVX and usually a codec get corrupt. Reinstalling codecs basic to windows environment have helped me in the past to resolve these conflicts/incompatibilities. AM I don t use DivX at all and as far as I m aware I m installing/using just what jdobbs says is required. Ho hum.

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