The foreigner play I like HG Wells and science fiction

The foreigner play

I like HG Wells and science fiction. UGO: This is the first zombie film in a long time that takes itself seriously and is actually scary. AM: The movie has a fantastic, ridiculous concept. But the characters within the movie have to act as if its real. You have to connect with them, and that was the idea behind making the film. AM: It makes you feel closer to the characters. There was an aesthetic reason, because the movie starts with television images, and that influences the whole movie. It also gives you a feeling of hyper-reality, which makes it more frightening. There are techniques you can use, like the strobing when the zombies are moving in close-up, which is just a setting in the camera. But video is a very flexible format, especially when you have to do what we did, which was empty whole parts of London. You couldnt do that when you have to drag around giant 35 mm cameras, especially on an 8 million dollar budget. UGO: Did you have any fear of this film coming out after anthrax and SARS scares? AM: Well, this film was done pre-Sept But in the United Kingdom, weve had this foot and mouth disease. There were piles of burning animal carcasses on television. We seem to be becoming the leader of these kinds of diseases in the world. Genre films like this come out of fears like that; Omega Man coming out of the Cold War and Romeros films coming out of the Vietnam War. UGO: Danny described this movie as the worst possible case of road rage. AM: Its all about being intolerant. When Danny read the first draft, to him, it was a film about human rage. A psychological virus. The virus has been growing inside people. Everyone wants everything now. There are more and more cars and less and less room. Someone who doesnt move fast enough will get beaten up. Its the same in hospitals when they dont get served enough. Its an instability and intolerance that we have more and more in the west. Yes, its a provacative title. But this film inspired me in a way that few others have. Why? Because it clearly had the potential to be a really good, even great, film. But they blew it. They totally the foreigner play blew it. And that makes me mad. One or two plot holes, or inconsistencies, I can overlook. But when they pile up one the foreigner play the other after the other after the other, none of which after the first one or two maybe need to be there for any plot reason, I become incapable of suspending my disbelief, and I shift from movie-watching mode to MST3K heckler mode. Hence the bile I herewith spew onto this film, much as the zombies in it spewed blood onto those they were trying to infect. To try to keep it brisk, I am doing it in question and answer format; not FAQ, WAQ. I originally posted this to another message board a few months ago. I recently saw this thread, leading me to believe there is still some interest in this movie in this forum. So, I repost it here. Q: So, the setup is, a bunch of researchers are researching this really nasty virus that accidently gets loose into the population? Q: And a pretty powerful virus, eh? One drop in any orifice turns you into a slavering zombie in ten to twenty seconds. A: Yes, well, they were poking their noses into Things Man Was Not Meant To Know. Q: Mmmm-hmmm. The virus also confers an amazing ability to go without food or water for extended periods of time. Especially considering all that blood-vomitting. After 28 days those scuse me, looked pretty spry to me.

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