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The fugee’s

Illegal activities: Promote cracked software, or other illegal content Note: Your e-mail address is used only to let the recipient know who sent the e-mail and in case of transmission error. Neither your address nor the recipientss address will be used for any other purpose. Executive Editor David Carnoy has been covering electronics for CNET since 2000, arriving at the company just as that whole Internet bust thing happened. Early on, he launched CNETs cell phone coverage, earning him the nickname Wireless Dave, then moved on to bigger and broader things. Hunkered down in New York City, he oversees CNETs Home and Hardware reviews, which includes all things the fugee’s to home theater, PC, and digital imaging. Fully Equipped covers the gamut of gadgets and gizmos and, to keep things lively, Carnoy likes to alternate between writing useful, advice-oriented pieces or thought-provoking columns with inflammatory headlines designed to elicit commentary from readers. Fully Equipped is the longest continuously running column on Click this link to view as XML. Lionsgate pairs up two oceanic thrillers, one good, one bad, and offers them up on a single Blu-ray disc with this double feature releases. Heres a look at what youll get: Inspired by the true life events that occurred when two scuba divers lost their bearings in the ocean, the film follows Susan Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Daniel Travis who decide to take a vacation and enjoy each others company. They head out to the coast and decide to go scuba diving and soon wind up too far from land and completely alone in shark infested waters. The plot for Open Water is deceptively simple and yet it manages to be quite a tense little film. Made for very little money, this film not only plays off of the fear of sharks that plagues many people but also another common fear, that of the ocean. Anyone who has ever been scuba diving or even swimming in the ocean knows that as fun as it can be, you need to be careful. Tides can come in and out, currents can move and change and waves can knock you around and, yes, sometimes there are sharks. The film uses its set up fairly well and doesnt waste time getting to the meat of the story. Susan and Daniel are introduced and as we meet them we get to like them, they both seem like nice people and are obviously in love with one another. We know them just enough to care about them once they get stuck out in the sea and as such, we want them to get back to the shore alive and with all their limbs attached. The whole manner in which they wind up left alone in the sea could have been easily avoided if they or their charter had been more careful but the sad the fugee’s is that things like this can and do happen, which gives the film a sense of realism that works very well in its favor. People are lazy and make mistakes all the time without thinking about the ramifications that these mistakes can have on other people hence Susan and Daniels predicament. As the film reaches its conclusion and our two characters realize that their chances of survival are incredibly slim, they still cling to that shred of hope and try to ensure one another that theyre going to be okay. This gives a fairly chilling story a nice sense of pathos and drama that goes a long way towards humanizing the characters. The camera work employed is very effective in ramping up the tension and setting the mood and Open Water turns out to be a very well made thriller/horror picture that relies more on smarts, character development and tension than on gore or jump scares. This second film follows a different couple as they go through experiences similar to those scene in the first movie. When the picture beings, were introduced to a woman named Amy Susan May Platt, her husband James Richard Speight Jr.

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