The gods must be crazy 2 trailer

The gods must be crazy 2 trailer

As I became more intent to where this could be coming from it vanished and I didn t see it again and fell asleep quickly after this. Gland under chin swollen and painful, I look and sound like a bullfrog! Left the gods must be crazy 2 trailer has a the gods must be crazy 2 trailer swollen knot just inside the opening; original scab is so much better and still no drainage or scabbing. Blistering on lip isn t too bad; not as itchy and painful. 7:30 So far today have had 3/4 of a gallon of the water, can t seem to drink enough of it. Gland under chin not as painful, started coughing, clear phlegm that comes but does not feel like it s from bronchial or lungs, as if it s coming right up from this swollen gland, don t know if that is possible or not, but that s what it feels like. The knot in left ear is gone but the ear hole is still a bit painful, it is better than yesterday and this morning. Ringing in ears definitely has more clarity. Just below right shoulder I have a spot that itches like allergy itching; skin slightly red. I think the water is helping to clean the ole system up. Sore spot on nose is better; still slightly tender to the touch. 9:30 Rash around lip smaller; not as itchy or painful. Scab on lip loosened and started bleeding. I pulled it off; what looks to be the inside of many pores came out. This is typical, what isn t is that it didn t bleed much at all. Applied the water after the bleeding stopped; was slightly numbing. 12:50 I drank 1 1/2 gallons of water total today. All evening have been cold then hot and steamy feeling. The gland under my chin is swollen more and I have sore throat but it has been doing pretty good all day. I m hoping that by drinking more of the water this will help to clear it faster. This flare-up seems to be going through its cycle quicker than usual. Again tonight, as last night, feels like something poking in upper eyelid of left eye; this will pass as it did before. Head hurts off and on, about the time I realize it aches, it stops or changes, like a pressure for a few seconds and then totally stops. Time for bed. 8:30 Woke up with head pain before getting up; felt like my whole brain hurt whole spine hurt also.

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