The little mermaid ii return to the sea vhs

The little mermaid ii return to the sea vhs

Moderator of the Now Playing and software forum. Hey thats no fun, she fell right over! Location: Lawrenceville, GA Maha-I warned Redux about the experimental aspects of Dancer not because I distrust those things. I said earlier that I bought the film myself, so overall I did like it. However, I think the dramatic elements and the experiment butt heads. Less observant viewers are going to look at the film as some kind of a joke. The drama would have worked better if there was a some detachment. That sounds strange because Trier has filmed his last few films in this way because he felt his previous filmsstarting backword frm Zentropa had become too cold. However, if he had backed of a bit, it would not look as if von Trier is mocking Selma and the other characters, thus increasing compassion for the characters. The full-on mellodrama seems just too the top to be accepted by some as anything more than a joke. I do believe that von Trier believed in Selmas conflict, but film as whole walks a very thin line, leaving open for many misinterpetations. Egman the best films always walk a very thin line! Istagi I didnt bomb anything, I was simply responding to Doms criticism and also addressing some of the wider issues raised by Dancer in the Dark. And as Redux has said, he has already got the information from this thread that he needed or was ever going to get. If you want to take action the go right a-fucking-head. This message has been edited by mahavishnu edited 07-16-200 Location: No Name City. Population: Nuts Istagi Ambushbug please do not egg on Maha. I cant comment since I havent seen it, but Im sure Mahavishnu will be along shortly to tell you why its just super. was not meant to egg Maha on. I simply recalled that he really enjoyed and endorsed this film, and I figured hed be showing up on the topic before too long. Honestly, no ulterior motive on my part. Unquestionably swashbuckling! I know Ambush but good intentions dont always produce good results. Moderator of the Now Playing and software forum. Hey thats no fun, she fell right over! Ambushbug didnt egg me on. Indeed, the thread went on for quite a while before I joined in. It was actually Kikos comments that Dancer looked the same as Idioterne that drew me into the thread. Sorry to continue with this at the bottom of this thread, but I tried to start a seperate new topic and Istagi closed it!!! You should lay off Dom. Everyone on this board including yourself, make it interesting. Dom, is more than entitled to his opinion and the little mermaid ii return to the sea vhs whats its worth his opinion sucks because this movie doesnt even warrant being touched with a 10 foot poll. It flat out sucks. Want to see something good go get Zentropa!! Bjork is not for everyone and neither is this film. Europa Zentropa is very good, but Dancer in the Dark is far more advanced. Sheesh, you turn your back only the little mermaid ii return to the sea vhs days and the whole world okay, this thread, anyway goes mad Well, since I obviously was the originator of some of the controversy in here, the little mermaid ii return to the sea vhs since this thread is completely derailed anyway, here goes.

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