Volcano erupting 2011 I called

Volcano erupting 2011

I called Sony and volcano erupting 2011 haven t had anyone report this problem. After reading reviews online, I noticed I apparently was the only one this happened to. The picture on up-converting and blu-ray playback is great in my opinion. However, that annoying little drop in sound really bothers me. It s like a little bump in the sound, but the sound drops in volume for just a split second. Since I own far more DVDs than Blu-Rays, this is a problem for me. I m taking it back to Best Buy to exchange it. Hopefully it s just a bug in my player and not in the next one. Hopefully this review helped everyone, especially if you ve had this problem but haven t seen anyone else report it. Set-up is super easy, its been less then 20 minutes since I unboxed this and already i m streaming from Netflix. I was worried that I d encounter buffering issues, but nope. It took less then a minute to load the movie and its playing like a champ! I m not using wireless though, so I can only attest to the quality of a wired connection. Just ran a test on my wireless computer and i m at 07mps, so I imagine the wired connection is slightly faster then that. Just a quick note on the Netflix side, for those of you who don t currently have accounts, NOT EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE FOR LIVE PLAY. UPDATE: I just upgraded! my router and now have nothing but issues with buffering. I m about to uninstall and return this new, guaranteed faster speeds router and reinstall my old one. After half a year of flawless playback, this can only be the issue of the router. For anyone experiencing buffering issues, check your router and if you have the option of testing another router, do so that will hopefully fix it. its been 10 minutes and I still haven t been able to get my movie to re-start. crazy. Just completed installing and testing this Blu-Ray player and very pleased so far. Am using the excellent Mediabridge Ultra HDMI Category 2 cable to connect to a 47 Samsung LCD HDTV with 1080p. Setup was a breeze, with a Wizard asking you basic information first time you power on the player. One of the first features that I tested was the Netflix streaming capability. I ve been using a Windows Vista laptop with wired Ethernet not wireless for Netflix streaming, but getting inconsistent quality. With the Sony BDP-N460, I immediately see improved picture quality, without skipping or image blurriness. Because I actually watch a lot of Netflix streaming films like indie documentaries, this was an important added feature on the Sony BDP-N460 setting it apart from volcano erupting 2011 models from Panasonic and LG. Blu-ray picture quality is excellent, what s surprising is the DVD upconvert.

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