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Wonderful World

It wasnt immediately clear if he could face grand jury action and additional charges. State police said Beardsley was suspended without pay for 30 days as of Tuesday. The agency has opened an internal investigation, which it said is routine in a serious injury or fatal accident. Beardsley is an eight-year veteran assigned to the Mayfield barracks. Providence is about 40 miles northwest of Albany. All content copyright 2011 The Republic, a division of Home News Enterprises unless otherwise noted. Site design, web hosting, and technical services provided by Screaming Eagle Media. Chicago, Illinois T he Weekly Vice Stewart Gibbs, a 44-year-old Illinois man was jailed after police found him naked, covered in blood and attempting to perform an operation on his pet Doberman. According to Chicago police, the bizarre situation came to light when Gibbs landlord began receiving complaints from other tenants who said water was leaking to their apartments through the ceiling. The landlord knocked on Gibbs door, but didnt get a response. When the landlord decided to enter the apartment, Gibbs reportedly ran toward him naked and covered with blood. The landlord called police after also noticing a blood soaked towel inside the apartment. When officers arrived at Gibbs apartment, they were met at the door by Gibbs who appeared highly intoxicated and whose hands were covered with blood. When officers entered the residence, they found a Doberman with a large wound under its right ear. Blood spatter was also found on the floor and walls inside the apartment. Gibbs reportedly explained to officers that he had been using a butchers knife to remove a cyst from the dogs head. He went on to say that he had been out drinking that night and continued to drink when he got home prior to performing the surgery. Gibbs, who told police that he was a cardiologist, created the water leak when he filled a bathtub to clean the dog. He was booked into jail on a felony charge of cruelty to animals. Bail in his case has been set at 75, 0 Join The Discussion. Click Comment Link Below And Fire Away Stewart Gibbs Jailed After Police Find Him Drunk, Naked And Operating On His Pet Doberman Mansfield, Ohio The Weekly Vice Peter Bower, a 31-year-old Ohio man was jailed after he allegedly had sex with his dog. According to police, an investigation was launched after detectives received a tip about a website that featured Bower having sex with a three year old shepherd mix that he adopted last month. Investigators executed a search Wonderful World on Bowers residence, recovering photographs, videos and journals that recorded Bowers bestiality activities. Police also seized Bowers computer, bestiality books, a plastic sign that read Pets Welcome and a life-size inflatable sheep. One bestiality book found at Bowers home was titled Dearest Pet. Detectives uncovered materials on Bowers computer that indicated the Bower had abused animals for several years including at least three dogs and a possible horse. Two German shepherds owned by Bower were euthanized last year one of them was believed to have been injured by a sexual act. Bowers current dog was examined by a vet who found that the animal showed signs that it had been sexually abused. Bower also allegedly placed ads around town, Wonderful World his services as a dog walker or dog sitter. Bower was booked into jail on charges of animal cruelty, injuring an animal and companion animal prohibition. Join The Discussion. Click Comment Link Below And Fire Away Ready For More Seriously Messed Up News? Join Us On Facebook! Peter Bower Charged With Sexually Abusing Newly Adopted Dog, Possessing Bestiality-Related Materials Evanston, Illinois The Weekly Vice Sergio Chaves, a 19-year-old Chicago man was jailed Sunday after he allegedly planted a bomb at a police station, then called the detectives to report the bomb hoping to receive a reward. According to the Cook County Sheriffs Office, Chaves reportedly placed a bomb into a garbage can behind the Evanston Police building Saturday night. He then called the station and reported the bomb, informing police of his name so they could promptly issue Wonderful World a reward for the tip he provided. Investigators say the explosive device was made up of fireworks, glass, nails and a fuse. Chaves told police that a drug dealer had planted the bomb, however, the details of Chaves story didnt add up, according to police.

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